Our People

Our People

Our People

Our educators are intelligent, committed and ready to provide all of the children at the centre the head start in life that they require. We work to create a holistic educational experience that your child will love to be a part of and ensure that every day brings with it a unique learning experience. The trust and friendship between a child and their educators is crucial to their development and building this relationship is something that we take very seriously. We consider it a privilege to be part of your child’s early years development and understand the concerns and worries parents can feel when putting their child into childcare. You can rest assured that our educators are qualified and skilled to move your child along their natural learning journey.

Meet our Centre Manager

Debra Lynch

Centre Manager

Years in childcare: 
10 Years

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? Having the opportunity to create a home away from home for our children, giving them the support and security they need to become strong independent thinkers. Offering children space to play to learn, develop and grow. I really enjoy forming friendships with families and working collaboratively to help support the development of each child in our care.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? It’s hard to place a specific moment that has been one of the funniest and most memorable. Daily I have such beautiful moments with our children, the simple things when they show kindness to each other is when my heart melts. The funny things they say and the way they see the world with such innocents and imagination.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? We provide a caring, nurturing, safe environment for children to grow and learn. We encourage families to have open communication and always offer support with those daily challenges that families face. Our team of motivated happy educators work extremely hard doing what they love, they laugh and play with children and this is how we as a team show a supportive play based learning environment for each individual child.